What is History?

Often we tell a story in the past, be it bad, embarrassing, or even impressive. It is smaller than a history. Actual history is not something new in our lives, we often say and hear the history of the unconscious and conscious.

However, when asked What is History?, Not all people will know and understand what exactly that history. It is true, history would discuss the events of the past. He does not talk about the present, which is ongoing, it is also impossible to discuss the future has not happened or.

It is also true of history are always dealing with periods of ancient and classical as well as the time that has been left behind. However, by reading and studying history does not make us obsolete.

Are not all people including you own has its own history?. So it is with friends, parents, grandparents and even you must also have a history. It is precisely by reading history, we will be able to address the changes that occur in the world. Through the science of history, human and not have to keep remembering the events of past due and miss him, but must be able to learn from the mistakes made ancient humans to live better.

The word "history" comes from the Arabic syajaratun, which means "tree". Tree here described the continuing growth of the ground (earth) into the air, with a variety of organs, ie roots, stems, branches, leaves, flowers (flower), and fruit. Part of the tree indicate the presence of aspects of life are related to each other.

If associated with it can be concluded that human history is alive, constantly moving and growing over time and place of a human being. Broader than that, the history had to be dynamic, must grow and live, grow and move on and will go on endlessly throughout time and have interesting dynamics of human life.

Historians (Historians also called) is still different opinions about the definition. However, the difference between them is not flashy, does not contrast with each other. There is a common thread that connects their opinions with each other. Here are some definitions of history according to experts, among others:

  • Edward Hallet Carr: History is a process of interaction between the historians continue round-the facts available to him; an incessant dialogue between the present with the past.
  • Robert V. Daniels: History is the memory of human experience.
  • J. Bank: All the events of the past is history (history as fact); history can help people to understand human behavior in the past, present, and future.
  • Taufik Abdullah: The history should be interpreted as human action within a specified period in the past carried out in certain places.
  • Muhammad Yamin: The history of science is generally associated with bertarikh story, as a result of the interpretation of events in human society at the time that has past or the other signs.
  • Mohammad Ali in his book Introduction to the History tells the history of science, namely:
    • Number of changes, incidents or events in the reality around us.
    • The story of the changes, incidents or events in the reality around us.
    • Science is in charge of investigating the changes in the reality of events and events on our About a.
  • WJS Poerwadarminta in Indonesian General Dictionary reveals the history, namely:
    • Pedigree or origin.
    • Event or events that actually happened in the past.
    • Science, knowledge, learning stories about the event or events that actually occurred.

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