Fine Art

Fine art is a branch of art that make up the artwork with the media could catch the eyes and felt with palpation. This impression is created by processing the concept line, plane, shape, volume, color, texture, and lighting with aesthetic references.
Fine art divided into three categories, namely pure art or pure art, craft, and design. Purely visual art refers to works that are only for the purpose of personal gratification excretion, while craft and design more focused functionality and ease of production.
In rough translation of art in the English language is a fine art. But with the dev
elopment of the modern art world, the term fine art to be more specific to the sense of pure art and then combined it with the design and craft into a discussion of the visual arts.

Art has a lot of flow in it, some of the flow of art that include:

1. Naturalism

Naturalism is a pattern or flow in the visual arts attempt to portray an object in accordance with nature (nature). Objects depicted expressed as the eye sees. To give the impression cultivated forms are exactly alike, this means that the proportion, balance, perspektf, coloring and more labored as accurately as possible according our eyes see.
Figures Naturalism: Rembrant, Williamn Hogart and Frans Hall in Indonesia that follow this pattern: Raden Saleh, Abdullah Sudrio Subroto, Basuki Abdullah, Gambir Anom and Trubus.

2. Realism

Realism is a style of art that illustrates the fact that there really is, meaning the emphasis is not the object but the atmosphere of this fact.
Realism figures are: Gustove Corbert, Francisco de Goya and Honore Daumier.

3. Romanticism

Romanticism is a style in art that try to show things that are fantastic, irrational, beautiful and absurd. It describes the flow of romantic stories about the terrible tragedy, the dramatic events in the story usually displayed Romah. The depiction of the object much less than reality, more vibrant colors, the movement is more agile, more manly men, women are more

4. Impressionisme

Impressionisme an art style that was born in 1874. This flow priority fleeting impression of an object depicted. The impression was gained from the help reflect sunlight into their eyes. They portray quickly because the velocity of the sun from east to west. That's why the painting impressionisme generated objects rather vague and not detailed.
This flow figures: Claude Monet, Renoir Aguste, Casmile Pissaro, Sisley, Degas Edward and Mary Cassat.
In Indonesia, the adherents of this school: Kusnadi, Solichin and Afandi (before Expressionism).

5. Expressionism

Expressionism is a priority flow freely outpouring of mind. Free in exploring objects arising from the inner world! Imagination and feeling. The objects depicted among other horrors, violence, poverty, grief and other wishes behind human behavior.
Pioneer of Expressionism: Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gaugiuin, Ernast Ludwig, Karl Schmidt, Emile Nolde, JJ. Kandinsky and Paul Klee. In Indonesia adherents are: Affandi, Zaini and Popo Iskandar.
Example Painting patterned Naturalism, Impressionism Example patterned paintings, works by George Sevoat Basoeki Abdullah.

6. Cubism

Cubism was born at the Cezanne exhibition retpektif in 1907. Pattern describes nature into geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles, circles, cylinders, spheres, cones, cubes and boxes. Here sei not the imitation of nature but rather the placement of geometric shapes of artists to nature. Pioneer of Cubism: Gezanne, Pablo Picasso, Metzinger, Braque, Albert glazes.
Fernand Leger, Robert Delaunay, Francis Picabia, and Juan Gris.

7. Fuvisme

Fuvisme is the name for a group called young artists emerged in the 20th century. Characteristic of his paintings is the art of the wild colors. December Fauves in French means wild animals. Since the wildness of the colors that the French critic Louis Vauxelles posed as Fauvism.
This flow figures: Henry Matisse, Andre Dirrain, Maurice de Vlamink, Rauol Dufi and Kess van Dongen.

8. Dada

Dada was born since World War I. Its said to be anti-art, anti-sense and tends to reflect the roughness and hardness. His work is whimsical, such as Mona Lisa copied and given a mustache, urinal titled and exhibited. Do well collage methods such as scrap wood and used goods.
This flow figures: Juan Gross, Max Ernst, Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp and Picabia.

9. Futurism

Futurism was a school of art that was born in 1909. Flow said the beauty of movement and is seen as groundbreaking Cubist flow is considered static in composition, line and color. Futurism dedicates itself to the motion so that the paintings depicted a dog more than four legs.

This flow figures: Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Method, Severini, an Ruigi Gioccomo Ballad Russalo.

10. Surrealism

Surrealism was initially a movement in literature is found by Apollinaire weeks to call dramaya. In the year 1024 in use by Andre Bizton to mention style in painting. In the style of surrealism kreativitasya trying to free themselves from the control of consciousness, which in turn requires freedom there is a trend toward a realistic but still in a strange relationships.

Pioneer of Surrealism: Joan Miro, Salvador Dali darl Andre Masson. In Indonesia can be called: Sudibio; Sudiardjo and Amang Rahman.

11. Abstractionism

Abstract art is the art of painting that tried to retrieve objects from the inner world. Objects can be fantasy, imagination and intuition may also artists. Due to arise from within. In abstract art is divided into two major categories, namely:
  • Abstract Ekspresionism
American abstract, there are two trends are:
- Color Field Painting, the paintings show wide areas and bright colors.
Vanguard: Mark Rothko, Clyfford Stll, Adolf Got lieb, Robert Newman Montherwell and Bornet.
- Action Painting, the paintings are not concerned with what is important is the form of action or way of describing it. Characters are: Jackson Polack, Willem de Koning, Frans Kliner and sister Twarkov.

In France abstract ekspresionesme followed by: H. Hartum Gerard Schneider, G. Mathiew and Piere Souloges. Then, named Technisme pioneered: Wols Aechinsky and Asger Yorn.

  • Geometric Abstract
Geometric Abstract art also called non-objective. Spearheaded by Kandinsky. After it emerged that another geometric abstract by different names such as:

Suprematisme, ie abstract paintings featuring geometric shapes mummy with the character is Kasimir Malevich.

Konsiruktivisme, a style of art that try to show the 3-dimensional abstract forms using modern materials such as wire, metal, wood and plastic.

Characters: Vladimir Tatlin, Antonic Pevner, Naum Gabo and A. Rodehenko. Alexander Calder for his statue could move called Mobilisme in America that can move a statue called the Kinetic Sculpture. Minimal Art is also included in the group of constructivism. Art is born out of a situation of high technology industry and his work tends towards aristektual.

Neo Plastisisme (De Stijil), the style of abstract art featuring the universality of science. It seeks to restore the flow of the dye to the basic colors and shapes dogleg Characters are Piet Mondarian, Theo Van Daesburg and Bart Van Leck.

Op Art (Optical Art), also known as retinal Art is the depiction style of painting is the geometric arrangement with orderly repetition, can be like a chess board. This work attracted the attention because of its bright and seemed to spit out the eye with the illusion of space.
This style figures: Victor Vaserelly, Bridget Riley, Yacov Gipstein and Todasuke Kawayama.

12. Pop Art (Cool Art)

Pop Art or Pop Art first berkemang in America in 1956. original name was Hot Images. Art comes as no saturation with art objects and reminds us of the circumstances surrounding that has long been forgotten. In taking the object was not picky, what made the object they encounter.
They may even take a pair of sandals propped on the desk junk then arranged and finally exhibited.
The general impression of the works of Pop art show atmosphere satire, cartoonist, humor and candid.
The characters are: Tom Wasselman, George Segal, Yoseph Benys, Claes Oldenburg and Cristo.
In Indonesia menganutaliran are artists who proclaim themselves: The New Art of Indonesia ".

13. Art Installation

Mean number of ideas or objects kanfas installation starts from items found everywhere and then developed, engineered in work shop, in improvisation with the space, or a response to input or space that surrounds it, the arrangement in a function assembled with the object other objects that become a system installation.

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